We do complete Servicing, Suitability and Calibration with NABL traceable certification for all ranges of micropipettes of any brand. We also do calibration with NABL traceable certification for standard weights, weighing balances, volumetric glassware, thermocouples, thermometers, temperature controllers, pressure gauges, thermo hygrometers, RPM controllers & IR thermometers.


We provide calibration services under Mass, Volume, Pressure, Speed, Thermal & Electro technical scopes. We perform calibration at site for weighing balances, autoclaves, incubator, hot air oven, muffle furnace, water bath, hot plate, freezers, centrifuges, temperature controllers & any other thermal devices along with servicing facility.

  • Quality Servicing
  • Accurate Calibrations


  • Service facility for all brands of micropipettes & thermal equipments.
  • Calibration methods are based on relevant international standards.
  • Calibration certificates are traceable to NABL.
  • Our master equipments are traceable to National / International standards.
  • Reminders for next calibration prior to the due date.


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